Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ohio's Viola Species

Viola rostrata - Long-spurred Violet
Viola lanceolata - Lance-leaved Violet

I wanted to pass along the link to my personal nature/botany blog for a recent post I published about the Viola species Ohio has to offer.  It's way too large and detailed a post to repeat on here so I figured I'd just go the easy route and link into the Ohio Flora blog.  That way this blog has a healthy violet addition!  Hope you all check it out and enjoy!  There's over 20 species to be had on this post with I.D. characteristics, photographs and life history. 

The Natural Treasures of Ohio - The Violets of Ohio   Thanks for tuning in!

Viola sagittata - Arrow-leaved Violet


  1. Andrew- You've been hanging out with Dan too much. j/k

  2. Haha, this may be true! He really lit the Viola fire in my heart this spring!