Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wood Betony - Pedicularis canadensis

Wood Betony is one of the earliest of the colorful Southern Ohio prairie bloomers. The pink and red of the blooms can be seen for quite a distance. Look for it in prairie openings, especially along a woodland edge.
From above, you can see a lovely pin-wheel pattern.
This is a perennial plant that spreads by way of rhizomes. It can sometimes form large patches.
Photos taken on April 25, 2010 in Adams County, Ohio.


  1. Where I live in northern NY, Wood Betony is yellow, not pink. Is this a different species, or just one of the colors it comes in? I know of only two patches in Saratoga County, so I don't have many to compare.

  2. Hi, Jackie. The literature describes the color as ranging from yellow to purple. I've never run into any plants from the yellow end of the scale. I wonder if the color patterns could be distributed regionally. In any case, enjoy your yellows. I'm glad I could show you another color variation.

  3. Came across some Wood Betony while hiking a wet flatwoods in Jennings Co., Indiana and the blooms were almost entirely yellow as well. I've only ever seen the predominately red colored ones back home in Ohio.