Saturday, August 21, 2010

White Trout Lily, Erythronium albidum

White Trout Lily, Erythronium albidum  April 16, 2008, Franklin County

As you have certainly seen by now, Steve Willson of Blue Jay Barrens has joined me in this Ohio Flora venture, and so has Rick G., who many of you know and love.  If you would like to contribute photographs, articles or both to "Ohio Flora", please let us know!

I think many naturalists believe that white trout lily, a spring bloomer typically found along floodplains here in Columbus, is just simply a white morph of the yellow trout lily.  But nope, it's an entirely different species.  Unfortunately, this population along the Olentangy River at Kenney Park has been decimated only two years after I took these photographs.  Lesser celandine (Ranunculus ficaria)- a non-native invasive species with yellow flowers that can be seen in some of these photographs, has out-competed this population.


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  1. I am psyched that I found your blog. A ton to learn and digest. Thanks!